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About Me

hey. i'm may.


Thanks for coming by!

I'm a Product and Service Designer currently at Rodan + Fields, where I design digital skincare experiences and products for 200,000 independent consultants and 1.5 million customers.

I'm a process-driven designer comfortable with the "full stack" of design skills, from user research to interaction design to prototyping, testing, and visual design. From past gigs as an E-Commerce PM and Journalist, I also have a knack for leading projects and workshops, and writing UX copy.

My favorite part about design is strategic problem solving. I love tackling design problems at their root, collaborating and involving all stakeholders.

When I'm not designing, you can catch me writing, globetrotting (I'm originally from Beijing, China and have lived in four countries!), checking out live music venues, or searching for the spiciest Chinese food spot in San Francisco (still not found).

Send me a note - I'm always down for coffee!

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